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This website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure a quality, smooth and personalised experience for you.

Cookies are small files that are used to store and receive identifiers and other information about the computers, phones, and other devices from which you access this website.

What cookies do we use and why?

In terms of validity period, we use cookies 

In terms of the purpose of what individual cookies perform, we use cookies

(i) necessary cookies to enable us to perform basic functions such as security, identity verification and network management 

(ii) marketing cookies, which are used to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns so that we can provide more relevant services and better advertising tailored to your interests

(iii) functional cookies, which collect data whose purpose is to remember users' choices so that we can provide a better and more personalized experience 

(iv) analytical cookies that help us understand visitor behaviour on our website, detect errors and enable better overall analysis. 

Cookies that are considered necessary are stored in your browser, as they are essential for the functioning of the basic functions of our website. 

Other cookies will only be stored in your browser with your consent. You have the opportunity to opt out of the use of these cookies.

Cookie management tool

You can access the relevant cookie preferences tool at any time by clicking on the "Settings" link in the footer of our site and change your preferences according to the type of cookie, including rejecting cookies. A refusal cookie will be stored on your device so that we can record the fact that you have objected to the use of cookies. If you delete this rejection cookie, we will no longer be able to recognize that you have declined the use and storage of cookies.

Browser settings

You can also manage cookies using your browser. The basic settings of most browsers are allowed to accept cookies. You can also choose to accept all cookies, systematically refuse cookies, or choose which cookies you accept. Each browser has different settings for managing cookies and your preferences. This setting is described in your browser's help function, where you will find information on how to change your cookie preferences. 

Settings according to the Internet browser:

For Internet Explorer™:

For Safari™:

For Chrome™:

For Firefox™: 

For Opera™:

Exercise of your other rights

In accordance with the applicable data protection regulations, you have for example the right to access your personal data, the right to rectification and deletion of your personal data, the right to restriction of processing and the right to object. Regarding the exercise of your other rights, further information can be found HERE.


If you accept or reject all or part of the cookies on our website, your preferences will be stored and stored for a maximum of 6 months. After this period, we will again ask you to consent or refuse the use of cookies.


We may change this policy. If necessary or necessary, we will inform you of the changes and/or ask for your consent. 

Last update: 1.3.2023.

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