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Basic steps to improve cybersecurity


As part of a cybersecurity strategy, it is advisable to follow a few fundamental steps that can significantly increase the resilience of any entity against cyber threats and attacks.

Key such steps include:

1. Installing and updating software.

Ensure that all software, including applications and operating systems, are updated regularly. 

2. Access control

Implement strict access control (Zero Trust) policies to ensure that only properly authorized individuals have access to sensitive information. 

3. Network segmentation 

Divide the network infrastructure into logical segments, which limits access, facilitates monitoring and network management, and reduces the risk of malware spreading in the event of a cybersecurity incident. 

4. Data encryption

Encrypt all data stored on hard drives and other storage devices, including the cloud, to protect it from unauthorized access.

5. Back up data: 

Regularly back up all important data so that in the event of an attack, operations can be restored without losing important information and time.

6. Monitoring and control 

Regularly review and systematically monitor what devices and services are connected to your network and what access they have.


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